Thank you, EXPO Volunteers…

Expo Milano 2015 is the Universal Exhibition will hosted in Milan (Italy) from the 1th of May until the 31th of October 31 2015.

People from all over the world travel to Italy in honor of the great exibition. Before the exibiotion was opened to the public, about the Expo, problems have arisen. Besides the rumors that not all stands have been set up and completed (thesis refuted by someone who is working there I directly knew and that has instead said that yes, the EXPOSURE IS COMPLETE at 100%), it has been criticized even in some essential aspects (another clarification: the Japanese pavilion has been criticized for the prices of the menu, exceeding one hundred euro per person; in fact, the Japanese pavilion has TWO AREAS, one affordable for everyone and a more chic area with mind-boggling prices).

First of all, the exhibition created with the aim to solve a serious international problem: the world population is in debt to the earth. So it is necessary to find alternative forms of production, to optimize the use of the land and avoid unnecessary water consumption. Also, according to what my valuable informant said to me, a few pavilions have really suggested interesting solutions. The pavillon of Israel, for example, has developed a smart method of distribution of water in desert areas. Creating a system of pipes and ducts, it could to cultivate in desert areas. Creating drainage systems in drops will avoid the waste of water and will allow the use of hectares of land uncultivable otherwise.

Other methods, however, seem much less healthy and honest. Without naming the author of certain ideas, we will say that a stand has proposed to create in the laboratory seeds resistant to high temperatures or hostile or too salty lands; We can only imagine which kind of manipulations will be performed on the seed to achieve such a result. Also, it was proposed to create a space satellite systems that take under control the cultivated lands; These satellites then would identify any water leaks. In this way, you can quickly fix the problem and run for cover, without wasting water or ruin the crops. As well as a way to avoid unnecessary waste, this would also be a way to feed the local economy of the country producer of these satellites, so there is a dual purpose behind this proposal.

Besides this, one of the things many people criticise about the EXPO Milan is the presence of McDonald. About this, everyone is free to think what he likes.

When does the EXPO loose its meaning? When the stands, rather than bringing intelligent solutions to a serious problem, become just a way to publicize the traditional cuisines of some countries. There are stands where you can watch the preparation of traditional foods, where it is possible to copy recipes or take pictures inlarge and colorful halls. But the sense of EXPO should not be this.

Yet another element around which has raisen strong criticism especially among young people is the presence of people who volunteer at the EXPO. Now, I wonder: why shall I volunteer in an international exibition? Why shall I work for free when the price of the entrance ticket costs about 40 euro? And in a place where the food costs a lot?

Volunteering is  for nonprofit companies. To raise money for orphans, terminal patients and to combat the problem of stray dogs. Instead, unfortunately, many guys sold themselves (or rather, no, they gave themselves away because if they sold themselves they would have been paid!) to improve their curriculum.


Work must be definitely paid! ALWAYS!

If you are an emerging singer, you should not sing in a placed for free, you have to be paid.

If you want to be a model or template, you do not have to pay for the photographic book, the agency will make you work FIRST and only later detruct any expence.

If you really want to work for free, do it for charities that deal with saving lives and help people / animals / nature.

The consequences of this unjustified volunteering can already be  seen. On a Facebook group, I found an ad: VOLUNTEER WANTED  to work in a reception, previous experience required, good english, full time job, cleaning etc etc. “We offer triple bed, coffee and wifi”



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  1. Patrick Janeeees · settembre 1, 2015

    thats a shame !!

    Mi piace


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