#rompiamoilsilenzio, hashtag to support Mika victim of discrimination

Yesterday, 9th august, Mika has been victim of discrimination in Italy.

On some poster affixed in Florence to sponsorize his concert, someone wrote with a black spray the word “FROCIO” ((FAGGOT). One of Mika’s fan, took a picture and posted it on the social network and in few hours all his fans were indignant and displayed tehir support on Twitter, creating an hashtag #rompiamoilsilenzio (break the silence). When first Mika saw the picture, he decided to keep quite and ignore. But, at the end of the day, he decided to reassure his fans throught Twitter.

Following the footstep of the hashtag #rompiamoilsilenzio, Mika wrote one of the most beautiful things ever: L’AMORE FA QUEL CHE VUOLE LOVE DOES WHATEVER HE WANTS.



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