Rocky Balboa, Ivan Draco, ROCKY IV AND THE COLD WAR.

The LEGENDARY ROCKY BALBOA ! is an Italian-American boxer who has the patience to train at crazy rhythms just to defeat rivals ten times more aggressive and twenty times bigger than him.

As you may know, the first movie of series is inspired to a real fight between Muhammad Ali and an amateur who holds the lead up to the fifteenth round, sends him to the mat and eventually lost, just as Rocky against Apollo in the first of the series. After a succession of victories and defeats of the stallion, who do nothing but confirm that even the best can falter occasionally, the awful, big, gigantic and ferocious Ivan Drago make his entrance.

Exciting, thrilling, heartbreaking. The world believes in Rocky as he really exists.
The series of Rocky was born by chance, from an idea of Silvester Stallone to get out from the economic abyss in which he was sinking. Ince achieved international success, the United States use Rocky’s glory to make politic propaganda. Let’s see why.

When “the perfect boxer”  Ivan Dragon appears on the scene challenging the US box, Apollo Creed takes the matter seriously: it is not a challenge between Rocky and Draco, it is a challenge between continents, America against USSR. Rocky decides to accepte the challenge, winning the match, that takes place in Russia, on the 25th of December. Rocky’s wife feels as comfortable as a fish out of water in an arena surrounded by angry Russians. The Russian audiance supports his hero Ivan Draco, for the first ten minutes. After that, Rocky displays such a strenght and such a determination that all the people attending the match start believing Rocky will be the winner. The Russian audiance ends up supporting the Italo-American boxer instead of the “perfect boxer”, the Russian Ivan.

Rocky wins and eventually makes a moving speech in which he declares that “everything can change”, he hated the Russian and the Russian hated him but they ended up liking each other.

After this message of peace, he sends his love to his son in the homeland. The picture of the perfect, patience, understanding and sympathetic American is complete.

Rocky IV is my favourite movie from the series: the hard training, the soundtrack, the sadness and the fears of the main character go deep inside your heart, you cannot be indifferent to this.

What I do not like at all is the message. The movie is settled down during the Cold War, a war that has been fighted first with tools and weapons, then in the world of espionage, finally through the media and the space. The relationship between USA and URSS form 1945 to 1989 was built on distrust and disagreement. Until the fall of the wall in Berlin, the whole world has been living fearing the danger of an atomic holocaust.

Everyone know that in 1969 Louis Armostrong travelled to the moon, but I am sure not everyone knows that few years before, in 1957, the Russians sent the first satellite into space that made a complete turn around the globe. Since it was not possible to fight on the field, the weapons available were too terrible and no winner could have been proud of the result of the war, this was fighted through the space and the media. According to many, Louis Amstrong did not really reach the moon, it was just a mediatic move to re-affirm the supremacy of the USA on the URSS.

Rocky IV was filmed in 1985, 4 years before the end of the Cold War. The Sovietic block knew about the existence of the movie just at the beginning of the ’90, and it was coldly received. At the very end of the movie, after listening to Rocky’ speech, the member of the Kremlin clap their hands in agreement.


It is sad but it is true indeed. Our opinions and our behaviors are influenced by someone up there to a greater extent of what we realise. The manipulation of the entertainment industry for propaganda purposes is a feature of the American culture. The tear-jerking movie “Pearl Harbor” is built around a love triangle. The cause of the triangle, and its solution, are caused by the conflict with Japan in the last years of World War II. The three characters are not only beautiful outside (while the Japanese that appear at the end of the film are the ugliest Japanese ever seen) but they are also beautiful inside, generous, loving, courageous, selfless, wonderful.

The air attack on Pearl Harbor (objectively a gesture from Cain) is a shock for the correct Americans. Still, this event offers to the USA a good reason to distroy Hiroshima and Nagasaki with atomic bombs, without feeling guilty: that was just a reaction. Oh, really?

The American history and government are too complex to be analised, by me, with a little chat. For sure, this country has made a lot of good things for many other places all over the world. Still, it is not as perfect ad the books and the media represent. It is very necessary to keep our eyes opened, to avoid mental blindness.



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