Hiroshima, “Little Boy”, Sadako Sasaki and Manhattan Project

Today falls the sad celebration that commemorates the seventieth anniversary of the atomic holocaust of Hiroshima, which took place on Aug. 6, 1945 and that was followed closely by the nuclear bombing of Nagasaki three days later, on 9 August 1945. The nuclear bomb is the result of years of research and experiments carried out by the United States and in particular by President Truman, a fervent supporter of the Manhattan Project.

The names of the two devices are: LITTLE BOY the one that devastated Hiroshima and FAT MAN that devastated Nagasaki. Beautiful names for fishes, dogs and teddy bears, sadistic if given to two weapons.

The USA, victiom of the infamous attack on Pearl Harbor (because we have to admit the attack was infamous) decided to punish Japan. Since the attack on Pearl Harbor had not been notified to the Americans, the poor afflicted country returned the favor, justifying its lethal fury with the alibi of self defense. Actually, the cruel attack on Pearl Harbor was nothing but an act of desperation, Japan was trying to surrender to the European powers with the condition of keeping the symbolic figure of the emperor and Hirohito. Japanese request was met with indifference from Europe and the United States who demanded instead the UNCONDITIONAL surrender.

Furthemore, the Cold War was already on the dance floor, so the decision to devastate Japan had two meanings: to punish Japan and intimidate Russia. This is one of many versions of interpretationabout the sad event, and it is one I embrace.

The consequences of such a human offense have been dragged for years and years to come. First of all, many HIBAKUSHU “surviving nuclear attack” (a term born at that time) devoted themselves to the writing: however, this historic event is unique in its kind; contrary to the Chernobyl disaster happened few years before and Fukushima a few years later , the nuclear holocausts of Hiroshima and Nagasaki are unique historical events, that represent the only case in history when men have provoked such a devilish disaster to other men. So there are no words to describe the shock, awe and PAIN. Am emblematic word was created, PIKADON pika meaning flash or light + Don that echoes the noise of the impact.

Years and years after that day, in Hiroshima and Nagasaki children still do not reach 10 years of life and they fall like leaves from the trees intestad. Other children already born who become ill with leukemia and close the tender eyes forever. One of the victims, Sadako Sasaki, inspired messages of love and peace as well as books, songs and an anime short film of 30 minutes.

Sadako Sasaki, very energic, athletic and lively girl, was two when she met Little Boy. When she turned eleven she died because of leukemia. But Sadako fought the Death tenaciously folding industrial quantities of paper cranes, suaccording to the Japanese folklore, that says if someone manages to produce one thousand paper cranes, then this person can make a wish. Sadako sets to work, doing origami with every kind of paper, even with the packaging of medicines. And then she dies.

In her honor, there were built several memorials. Because Sadako Sasaki did not want to make a wish only for herself and her health. She wanted to make a wish for all the children in the world, wishing that all the nations throw weapons forever.

Sorry Sadako, this day has not come yet.

Soon, we will discuss in more details about few subject linked to the hibakushu.



  1. mary rose Sctld · settembre 1, 2015

    beautiful article, very enlighting

    Mi piace


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