GenkiJACS Study Competition

GenkiJACS is a language school
To learn Japanese, the best tool!
Let’s start from the beginning:
Let’s have a look at GENKIJACS’ building.
GENKIJACS’ students’ accommodation
Overcome all the expectations.
If you read the student voice
Your heart will make noise
From the beating, very fast,
Nothing better you can ask!
Have a look at the school outings
And get rid of all your doubting.
And the programs, so organized…
You can’t help but be surprised!
Both in Fukuoka and Tōkyō
GENKIJACS inspires you a ryokō
I think you should choose me!
For this opportunity of study for free!
I am very kawaii
I will study for more than three!
If you, reader!, think I am exaggerating
You can make your own rating
Have a look at
It’s more catchy than a sitcom.
Dalila Porta


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