Captain of Concordia prised with honor instead of being in jail

Almost all of us agree that what happened to the ship Concordia (wrecked on the island of Giglio, Italy, on January 13, 2012) is a very sad event while the trial of the “captain” Schettino is more ridiculous than a cheap TV show. I read in newspapers and saw on TV that Francesco Schettino will present his new book about what really happened before the shipwreck.

The book was written and sponsored by the author Vittoriana Abate, who insists that this book is not trying to show the fake point of view of Schettino  but rather it is the real and truthful documentation of what really happened. There are also described in detail the various stages of the process, in this volume of 600 pages.

The dedication at the first page of the book drives me so crazy that I feel like breaking the PC while I am writing:

“To those who were hit that night with the death of their loved ones, because they are due to the truth more than any other ‘

The truth is that 32 people were killed and about 150 were injured. The truth is that the court gave Schettino 16 years of jail, valuing the life of each death person punishable with six miserable months in prison. Instead of giving him 32 life sentences, Schettino will be, perhaps, sentenced to sixteen.

Last year (July 5, 2014) Francesco Schettino was invited by the University of Rome La Sapienza to hold a seminar on the management of panic for a master’s degree in criminology. HIM? Are you joking? Well, they are not.

Schettino went to Rome to explain how to handle the panic. The professor Vincenzo Mastronandi, professor of psychopathology, the person who convocated Schettino, was brought to the Ethics Committee for the shame of his choice. Apparently, the university was not informed about his attendance to the seminar and openly complained about it; in my opinion, it is hard to believe such a thing.

The Education Minister said at the time the incident: “One can not think to make seminars and lectures more attractive exploiting the wave of media because it is an attitude that does honor our Academy. Our universities must continue to be places where knowledge is transmitted, not tv show. ”

After the success of last year as a guru, Schettino returns with his book “Le verità sommerse” (The submerged truth submerged).

Well – think about those 32 people who died in the accident and the families of these people when they read the dedication that Schettino has done to them. Can you imagine how much anger, how many tears and much pain this shamless person arose in all of them?

Schettino sits on confortable chairs in the universities and signes books in the bookstores instead of being in jail.

Italy is the country where Fabrizio Corona was arrested for extortion and Francesco Schettino is being honored by fools; it is the country where prime ministers condemned by a court continue to work as politican; it is the country where ministers accused of fraud against the state are rewarded with lavish pensions; it is the country where football is sick and the winner of a match is the team who paid for a last minute goal; it is the country where criminals ally with politicians to steal funds for regions devastated by an earthquake; it is the democracy where a prime minister has been elected without the opinion of the people; it is the country where the daughter of the prime minister took a degree in philosophy and become the teacher the next day while there are millions of unemployed, graduates in the same field since many years;it is the country with the worst tax system and the most inefficient in Europe.

Sorry if I did not use the word “capitain” to talk about Schettino.

It’s that my fingers refused to type it.



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